SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Learn the most important SEO-techniques on one page.

Center html elements with css

Learn all about inline versus block elements, and how to center them with css, presented in an easy to follow video tutorial. The video is English spoken.



How to install the online booking system MRBS

Watch the video tutorial. It's dutch spoken, but you should be able to follow, speaking any other language.


How to use the online booking system MRBS

Once you've installed MRBS, you might want to watch the video how to use it. Again, it is dutch spoken.

payments with ogone


Unlike many online posts suggest, it can be done in a few lines of code

Program Ingenico's online payment platform in just a few lines of php. Learn an easy way to calculate the sha-in and sha-out.


learn the css basics on one page

What are classes and id's, spans and divs, etc.